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SBJ Spotlights the Duke's Mayo Bowl

Sports Business Journal profiles the success of Duke's mayo and its partnership with the Charlotte Sports Foundation to title sponsor the Duke's Mayo Bowl. In the feature, SBJ publisher and executive editor Abe Madkour writes:

"With so many college football bowl games and their ever-changing names, I question the effectiveness of bowl game title sponsorship. ... But watching the Dec. 30 game, I couldn’t get over how often the brand was integrated throughout — it was a consistent, promotional narrative throughout the telecast."

Madkour spotlights some of the brand integration on ESPN and concludes:

The effectiveness of bowl title sponsorships comes down to what the sponsor receives and how they activate those rights. ... Duke’s — with the help of ESPN, the Charlotte Sports Foundation, GRP Media and Bespoke Sports & Entertainment — amplified its message of fun and football very effectively and will be a model for other bowl sponsors."


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